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Una familia Unida (The Bonus Family)

Una familia Unida (The Bonus Family)
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The series revolves around the two main characters Lisa ( Vera Vitali ) and Patrick ( Eric Johansson ), a Stockholm-saving in their 30s who both recently parted ways. Both have their ten year old son and Lisa also has a teenage daughter. Katja ( Petra Mede ), Patrik's former wife, is an architect, while Lisa's ex-husband, Martin ( Fredrik Hallgren ), working on a bed store. The series follows the grim relationship that exists between the expectant couple and their former consort, and how it is for both parties' children to live in a bonus family, and the series will also follow how it is for Patrick to deal with his wife Lisa's ten year old son Eddie (Frank Dorsin), which is a troublesome kid together Patrik egne son William (Jacob Lundqvist), which is a much more quiet and well-behaved person.

Título original Una familia Unida (The Bonus Family)
Año: 2017
Género: Comedia Drama
Director: Felix Herngren
Elenco: Vera Vitali, Erik Johansson , Fredrik Hallgren, Petra Mede.
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