Car Tech Gadgets That Will Make Your Old Car Look Cool

With the recent advancement in car tech, you will not believe the type of gadgets you will see out there that will wow you....

What are electric cars?

Cars propelled by one or two electric motors, using energy typically stored in a rechargeable batteries are called electric cars Electric cars saw their rebirth...
car tech

How is New Car Technology Revolutionizing Traffic Safety

High-gloss color and seductive curves are not the only features we need to consider when buying our new car. With the advancement of technology,...

Learn about Transmission

Automobiles have parts that are short-lived. Most Vehicle parts live up to three to five years and then become obsolete. But in order to...

The Importance of your Windshield

The windshield is one of the strongest parts in your car.  Surprising? The windshield is actually among the most important products in any vehicle....

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